Spin Spa Deluxe Spinning Spa Brush
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* Pamper your body with this deluxe spinning bath/spa brush that will make you feel like you checked into a spa!
* The micro-dermabrasion head can be filled with body wash and removes dead skin cells to reveal younger skin.
* The mesh head gently exfoliates, the massage head soothes sore, tired muscles and the pumice stone removes calluses.
* Add your favorite soap/body wash and attach the soft bristled head for gentle cleansing.
* The 9" handle makes it easy to reach every inch of your body with ease!
* Rejuvenate your skin during a warm bath and step out feeling fresh and relaxed.
* Features:
o 2-speeds Hi/Low
o 5 spa attachments: cleansing, gentle exfoliation, massage, micro-dermabrasion, and pedicure
o Cleansing head - soft bristled head for gentle cleansing
o Massage head - built-in rubber massagers intertwined in soft bristles
o Pumice stone head - helps make rough skin smooth and removes calluses
o Microdermabrasion head - Use to exfoliate skin
o Mesh sponge head - gentle exfoliation
o Water-resistant, long-reaching 9" handle with a non-slip grip
o Works great with soap or body wash
o Great for hard-to-reach spots
o Mesh bag provided for storage
o Shower hook/rope
o Requires 3 "AA" batteries (not included)

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